Combination / Oily Skin Morning Routine (100% Cruelty-free!)

If there’s one thing this quarantine is being good for, that’s having more time for self-care and skincare. As I mentioned in my latest update, I’m trying to make the most out of this situation by creating more thoughtful and complete routines and taking the time to realize which products work better for me and which ones I should stop using. Finally, I’ve come up with a pretty decent morning skincare routine, made up of cruelty-free products only, for my combination skin.

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When it comes to day routines, what you want to look for are products that mainly invigorate your skin and protect it from the sun and pollution damages, which is why you’ll see Vitamin C among one of the most reached for ingredients.

Combination Skin

The thing about combination skin is that it isn’t dry or oily. It can lean towards one type (in my case, oily), but it’s the mixture of both things. There are areas that have some dry patches, usually in the cheeks, jaw and/or hairline; but there are oily areas with clogged pores and shine, which we normally get in the T-zone. However, I also get a bit of dehydration quite easily, so I also have to balance the dryness out.

I highly recommend you to keep reading whether this is your case or not, because this routine has made my skin feel and look much better but I will also be mentioning products suitable for other skin types. We’re looking at products that have helped me minimize the appearance of pores, softened my skin and balanced the oiliness and the dryness.

Step 1. Cleanser

After a whole night of heavier products working on our skin (I will talk about my night routine soon, too), it’s time to take off the excess built-up oil and dirt. In my case, I prefer lighter cleansers infused with Vitamin C like Pixi‘s Vitamin C Juice Cleanser. Sometimes, I also use Fancy Handy‘s Choco Soap Limpiador Intenso (not pictured). As far as I know, this last product is only available in Spain, but it’s from a cruelty-free brand that I love and happens to be very affordable.

Sleepy Face (Lush), Vitamin C Juice Cleanser (Pixi), Pore Intensive Hydrating Soap and Choco Soap (Fancy Handy) Cleansers - 100% Cruelty-free Skincare Routine Morning/Night
Pictured (left to right): Vitamin C Juice Cleanser (Pixi), Sleepy Face (Lush), Pore Intensive Hydrating Soap (Caolion) and Choco Soap (Fancy Handy)

After we’ve cleaned our skin thoroughly and we’ve gotten rid of the overnight sebum, it’s time to apply a toner.

Step 2. Toner

Toners are meant to help you balance your skin’s pH levels and add hydration. For combination skin, I’ve found that Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that my skin reacts best to, which is why I’ve been loving Pixi‘s antioxidant Vitamin-C Tonic, which is set to brighten and soothe the skin and is part of the same range as the cleanser I mentioned before. And the citrus scent is delightful! I also really love their Retinol and Rose Tonics, for which you’ll find a review and guide here.

It makes a big difference, which is why we shouldn’t forget this step and why sometimes I use Naobay‘s Detox Unpolluted Energizing Facial Mist Toner, which can be used throughout the day more than once, refresh our makeup, and is a quicker way of applying toner.

Naobay Facial Mist Toner and Pixi Vitamin C Tonic Skincare Routine - 100% Cruelty-free Morning/Night Skincare Routine

If you want to find out which toner is best for your skin, I made a post on Pixi‘s Tonics range that can be really helpful for you to find the best-adapted solution for you.

cover (7)

Step 3. Serum

Although it isn’t an exclusive to combination or oily skin, acne is considered a huge concern among people with that particular skin type. That applies for me, although my case is far from being heavy. This is why I love using Lullage‘s AcneXpert Serum, which is an oil-free and lightweight solution for acne-prone skin, and leaves it looking tighter and more even.

I also love Pixi‘s Vitamin C Serum, which then again is part of the range I’ve mentioned in the last two steps (and I swear this post isn’t sponsored or anything, but I love using it when I haven’t used other products with vitamin C before it!). Generation Skincare‘s product with the same main ingredient is also a good option, and Eclat Skin London‘s Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen one surprised me a lot.

Step 4. Moisturizer

Even the oiliest of skins (well, probably not that one) needs moisturizer. But finding the perfect one, especially for combination or oily skin, can be a difficult job even for a crime film detective. If they are too heavy, they can clog your pores even more, which is why the gel format has worked wonders for me.

In my case, a few years ago I had really oily skin but I somehow evened it out with a specific treatment and my skin has stopped looking like a discoball -and not in the positive, “highlight queen” kind of way-, and it actually developed some dehydration that I’ve easily balanced with products like Lierac‘s Hydragenist Mat Hydrating Gel Creme. Probably my favourite moisturizer to date and the one I’m currently using.

I also loved loved loved Revolution Skincare‘s Hydration Boost Gel-Cream (as well as the Retinol Serum pictured, actually). I’ve already used up two of them and they are seriously amazing for combinaton skin thanks to its lightweight yet hydrating formula.

Hydration Boost and 0.2% Retinol Fine Line Correcting Serum from Revolution Skincare
Hydration Boost and 0.2% Retinol Fine Line Correcting Serum from Revolution Skincare

Step 5. SPF

I don’t have any SPF products to show right now because I ran out of it not too long before quarantine, but they are VERY important, even now. Your skin needs protection from the sun, as it can make all the process of building an amazing skincare regime worthless.

Protección Solar y Polución - Naobay Detox Unpoluted Bruma Facial, CC Cream Naturtint, After Sun APIVITA - 100% Cruelty-free Morning/Night Skincare Routine

If your skin is a bit like mine or even oilier, I would highly recommend skipping moisturizer and using SPF instead or getting a moisturizer with SPF (or viceversa). It all depends on you and how both products work on your skin altogether or individually. But one thing’s for sure: you need to take care of it! Early ageing of the skin is heavily linked to that problem.

And that would be it!

Ready to go and take the day by storm.

Remember that each skin is different so although this guide can be really helpful as a base for your routine, some products might work better or worse. It depends on each concern, like acne, dehydration or way too much production of oil. You may know what works best, but if you don’t and you feel like none of this makes sense, feel free to ask in the comments or send me an e-mail at and I’ll make sure to answer your queries as well as I can. Your skin is an entire world, so listen to it!

And that’s it for today! I hope you liked this post and found it interesting! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. What are your favourite products? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. I love the Pixi Juice cleanser! Lighter cleansers like micellar waters and that one are great for morning routines.
    I keep meaning to look into Revolutions skincare, I keep forgetting they have a skincare line now!

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