Blogmas Day 2 – Advent Calendars

blogmas day 2 advent calendars

Advent calendars are the best way to count the days until Christmas arrives. Although the tradition of opening the doors of calendars, whatever their nature, has been commercialized at very curious levels (perhaps too much), they’re a way of anticipating the arrival of one of the most special nights for many families. And, this year, the truth is that I have three advent calendars to show.

  1. Chocolat Factory Advent Calendar
  2. Rituals – The Ritual of Advent
  3. Spetebo Tea Advent Calendar

Chocolat Factory Advent Calendar

I’m not usually the type of person to give into this type of tradition other than chocolate advent calendars. I don’t remember a single year without my advent calendar, always a gift from my mom, and this year has been no less.

I couldn’t miss the chocolate feast with this Chocolat Factory advent calendar, which I’m sharing with my partner since it includes two pieces every day. It’s for those with a sweet tooth or the most romantics, although I’m keeping an eye on it so that not a single chocolate is missing in the morning…

The presentation couldn’t be prettier either. It’s a tree with different boxes that, when turned, will eventually form an entire sentence. But also, it’s not the only tree calendar at home!

Rituals – The Ritual of Advent

I fell in love the second I saw it. When they started advertising this beauty advent calendar, I knew I wanted it to be “the one” even though I’d only been gifted one of these before, ages ago. I try not to give in to this type of calendar in particular because I own so much skincare and makeup, but this one’s different. This year, my partner got it for me and it made me so incredibly happy because I feel like it’s the perfect gift.

Even if I knew what was up -I told him ages ago that I wanted it for Christmas-, I don’t know what I’ll receive today, tomorrow, or the day after. I haven’t checked the list of products inside so it’s going to be a complete surprise! The first product was the Suede Vainilla candle from their Private Collection and it’s one of my new favourite scents ever. Sweet like vanilla, but not too much thanks to its wooden touch taking over. I loved it!

Today’s product was their The Ritual of Mehr Mini Fragrance Sticks!

Spetebo Tea Advent Calendar

For the last two or three years, I’ve always had tea and infusion advent calendars. I love taking infusions before going to sleep, so having the opportunity to try new ones every day is something that I love. This year, I went for Spetebo’s tea advent calendar and I love it!

Today’s tea was lavender grey and it was so nice – I love everything lavender (if it’s not obvious already).

Do you like advent calendars? What’s your way of counting down the days until Christmas?

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