Blogmas Day 3 – Winter Makeup

Ah, the third day of Blogmas and I haven’t been able to post? We’re off to a great start, that’s for sure. Irony aside, I love today’s (yesterday’s) theme and I couldn’t wait to show you some of my favourite Winter makeup I’ve done – from night looks to Christmas-inspired and artistic takes on the season. Keep reading!

I’m a big Taylor Swift fan, so I’ve been dying to recreate some of the beautiful makeup looks since the ‘Bejeweled‘ video came out. They were elaborated by the one and only Pat McGrath, an icon in the industry and rightfully so. I recreated the iciest one, with deep blue acting like an eyeliner, and a beautiful shimmer of the same colour on the eyelid.

The touch of green shimmer in the inner corner adds the “icy” to the look and stops it from just being a smokey eye, I think. It’s not a winter-inspired look per se, but I’ve got an old one for that and I think it’s a great representation. Keep scrolling until the end!

I haven’t done a Christmas makeup look yet (I do have some inspo), but last year I did a beautiful one that I honestly loved back then and that I still love now that I’ve seen it again after a long time.

Christmas makeup ideas

There are no edits or filters at all, except lighting and colour because the ring light made it look frigid – and I’m a bit disappointed because my blending and contouring skills were so good back then. I need to give myself credit, look at that nose!

Makeup look from December 2021 (@flawdecaybeauty)

And, I couldn’t forget these two makeup looks. If I could wear red lipstick all December, I would! As Christmas approaches, I feel like it’s the colour of the season. Do you feel the same way?

What do you think?

Winter makeup look

And, as I promised, everything’s getting icy and wintery now! I feel like using old makeup looks (again, from 2021) is cheating, but December has just begun and I haven’t prepared as much content as I thought I would. This one’s artistic and I think it represents the blue and white colours of Winter.

If you were to pick a Winter makeup look, what would you choose? Would you go for the artistic or the intense ones? Let me know in the comments!

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