Introducing… 24 days of Blogmas 2022!

Another year is coming back to an end and I’m happy about it, looking forward to what 2023 has in store for us. But I’m also feeling very nostalgic. It has been a unique year full of changes. On the one hand, I’ve fulfilled some dreams that I considered lost until a few years ago (yes, I’m looking at you, My Chemical Romance) and I have also tried new things despite the nervousness that causes.

Now, my intention is to reflect on everything I’ve experienced in a series of publications that I hope will make me want to start posting more. I have a lot of drafts waiting for me to finish, so I want to start posting regularly again. This is why, this December 1st, I’m starting my second BlogmasI already did it in 2020– and I can’t wait to show you how it’s going to be!

This time, I’m not only including beauty-related topics, but more general questions or aspects as well. Goals for the coming year, books, even the Spotify Wrapped. Will you join me with this new project?

Day 1. Introducing Blogmas!

Day 2. Advent calendars

Day 3. Winter makeup

Day 4. Christmas gift ideas/your wishlist

Day 5. Winter skincare essentials

Day 6. Christmas decoration

Day 7. Favourite makeup collection of the year

Day 8. Favourite Winter candle

Day 9. Winter/Christmas outfit

Day 10. Christmas bucket list

Day 11. Hair finds + routine of 2022

Day 12. Favourite things about the holidays

Day 13. Best eyeshadow palette for Christmas

Day 14. Favourite fragrance of the year

Day 15. Christmas recipe

Day 16. Best makeup and skincare brands of 2022

Day 17. Christmas-inspired nails

Day 18. Favourite book of 2022 + most anticipated book for 2023!

Day 19. Review your Spotify Wrapped

Day 20. Remember the best day of 2022

Day 21. Your makeup declutter before 2023

Day 22. 2023 goals and resolutions

Day 23. New Years’ Day makeup

Day 24. Christmas makeup look

I hope I can able to post every day and, little by little, recover the enthusiasm that I’ve always felt for this blog. The past few months have been crazy and it’s been almost impossible to show some of the great (and not-so-great) products I’ve tried, and I’ve a few drafts waiting for me. But, as I always say, one step at a time!


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