NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay Palette Review, Swatches & Looks | Is it worth it?

Hi guys! Nikkie Tutorials recently launched her first eyeshadow collaboration in YEARS with Beauty Bay and fans couldn’t be more thrilled. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these palettes before they sold out in minutes. I’ve been putting it to the test for a second now, so here’s my review with swatches and looks to get you inspired! Is it worth it?

Puedes leer la versión en español de esta reseña aquí.

NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay Pressed Pigment Palette

€30.00$30.00£25.00 | 20 shades | Cruelty-free | Vegan | Limited Edition

Beauty Bay is familiar with celebrity launches. One of the reasons Nikkie aka Roxy Cattan decided to entrust them with her eyeshadow palette redemption (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll talk about it towards the end) was mmmmitchell‘s collaboration with them, called Me, Myself & MMMMitchell. Their own brand might be fairly new, but they won Nikkie’s heart and gave her the confidence to put her vision into a palette again.

It has 20 shades: 12 mattes, 6 shimmers, and 2 duochromes. The colors are pretty diverse – from bumblebee yellows to shimmering silvers or pinks. There are colors for everyday use like there are breathtaking shimmers that will take the spotlight any day. The theme of the palette and what it attempts to showcase is the two sides of Nikkie’s personality; a bright one, and a dimmer one.

The details in the outside packaging are really cute and meaningful. How many designs give the middle finger to makeup shamers? This palette has two windows and mirrors (which, by the way, are SUPER helpful because they are way easier to hold up while applying makeup). For me, the packaging is a 10.

Before sharing swatches, more looks, and my final thoughts, I’ll break down each row:

First Row: Redemption, Blend & Snap!, Ivy, Slasher, and 5AM

The first row already has some bold shades and one striking shimmer that will leave you speechless. Only Slasher and 5AM are slightly drier than the rest, but that’s me being scrupulous and trying to find flaws were you can hardly find them. Ivy (silver shimmer) is remarkably beautiful, while Blend & Snap! (bubble-gum pink matte) and Redemption (marigold orange matte) are the perfect colorful and bright shades. All of them blend together like a dream.

"I am me, you are you" | Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Collaboration Palette Review
Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Pressed Pigment Palette – Close and personal

Second Row: Roxy Catan, Vla, Mikai, Mila, and Underground

The second row has one of the most stunning eyeshadows in the palette, and that clearly is Mikai (a true red matte) and honestly, one of the very few reds that doesn’t turn magenta on me. I am obsessed. However, Vla is one of the only shadows in the palette I don’t see at the same standards as the rest. It’s nearly impossible to get the color you see in the palette unless you work it up a few times. Mila is a fine caramel nude matte, but Roxy Catan (bright pink shimmer) and Underground (silver/gold shimmer), are the most amazing shadows in this row. They are super pigmented and they are better worked with fingers or a wet brush to make them pop even more.

Third Row: Plot Twist, Aura, Basic Trut, All-In, and Ew

Nikkie already said in her video that Plot Twist didn’t swatch well. As you’ll see later on this post, I don’t think it’s the only one but I do agree with her on the fact that swatches tell us practically nothing about eyeshadow. After all, it’s eye-shadow, not arm-shadow (lame jokes are my passion). What I’m trying to say is that what’s important is how these pigments perform and let me tell you: they do amazingly. Basic Trut is a staple light toned nude matte perfect for blending, while Plot Twist and Ew are colorful and unique shades that work really well together and with other shades in the palette. And about the two duochromesoh my. Boy, have I fallen in love with them. They are super pigments and incredibly beautiful. They way the reflecting particles shine is just perfect.

Fourth Row: Pride, Zomer, Mama Tutorials, Amsterdamn, and Mr Tutorials

And last but definitely not least, the last row of the palette. If I have to pick a favorite shade from the entire palette, that would be Pride without a doubt. Not only do I love the meaning behind it, but I also love this beyond stunning duochrome that represents the trans flag and Nikkie’s pride for her community. I simply love it. When you see the swatches, you’ll understand. But the rest of the shadows are not to be forgotten either. The shimmers are so beautiful and Amsterdamn is a real showstopper (it is a little patchy though, but it’s not even that hard to fix).


And, here are the swatches! I only did one swipe so you’d get an idea of how they work. Whereas the shimmers are effortlessly pigmented, some of the mattes struggle a little bit more.

Again, swatches tell you about the intensity of a shadow, not about the performance! Luckily, the only shadows I’ve had issues with have been Vla and Amsterdamn – and not even that bad, to be fair.


I’ve created a few looks with this palette and I can’t wait to create even more! Follow me on Instagram because I’ll definitely be uploading more.

This palette has helped me a lot in many aspects. I hadn’t felt as inspired in a long time and I’m looking forward to creating many more beautiful looks! There’s so much room for innovative looks as well as classic ones at their peak performance.

NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay Pressed Pigment Palette | So, is it worth it?

Have you ever felt like blending is x100 times easier when Nikkie is the one doing it? So uncomplicated? Like the shadows just marry each other? Well, this palette gives you that.

There is not a better way to describe how this palette performs. These shadows are so incredibly easy to work with despite the huge fallout they have (they are pressed pigments after all). Even though everything has been done and no palette is ever a necessity, this one is very, very good for the price (30 euros/dollars or 25 pounds) and I simply adore it so I highly recommend it.

If you like the colors, you’re looking for a versatile palette with lots of creative challenges and a very fair price, this is it. The shadows stick perfectly during the day and it can work as a daytime or nightime palette.

Many of us were curious as to whether Nikkie has redeemed herself for the Power Of Makeup Palette she did with Too Faced four years ago. And she has! Nikkie was reluctant to do palettes again ever since and felt like the whole situation “almost ended her career”. As a huge fan of her who has been supporting her for years, I can’t be happier that she got to create this stunning palette with Beauty Bay and now it’s in my hands. I love the colors, the theme, the packaging… it is simply perfect. I can’t wait to play with it more!

Unfortunately, the first batch of palettes sold out on the day of the release and we don’t know when they’ll be back in stock yet. For now, Nikkie has stated that the palette is still a limited edition so the next batch might be the last. If you want to be updated when the palette is back, go to Beauty Bay‘s website with this link and add your e-mail to their Want to know when we’re stocked up? feature so you don’t miss it!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I have. I’m so happy for Nikkie and I’m very inspired by this palette. Thank you so much for reading me!

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