YesStyle: Makeup, K-Beauty Tools and Accessories (Part 2)

ICYMI, I recently made my first (huge) YesStyle haul! I got to try a lot of things, from k-beauty cosmetics to makeup, tools and accessories. They offer a really huge selection of beauty, clothing and lifestyle items at very affordable prices, including more than 3.000 Japanese and Korean beauty brands like ElizaveccaSome By MiA’pieu and more. In today’s post, some of these will be present – keep reading to find out more!


I already introduced this store in the previous post and I plan to do a more insightful review of their treatment and what I think about it instead of what I got in another post, so let’s get to the exciting part: the products!

e.l.f. Cosmetics: Instant Lift Brow Pencil

3 colours | Cruelty-free | Vegan

You may (or may not) be surprised by this, but YesStyle offers international brands as well as Asian. Proof of that are the following products: I got e.l.f.‘s ultra-famous Instant Lift Brow Pencil, which I’m loving, and L.A. Girl‘s HD Pro Conceal Concealer.

This brow pencil is really good. It’s easy to apply and lasts really well, so I will definitely be repurchasing it in the future!

L.A. Girl Cosmetics: HD Pro Concealer / Color-Corrector / Highlighter

43 Tones | Cruelty-free | Vegan

And, as I said, I also got L.A. Girl‘s HD Pro Conceal Concealer, which I got in the lightest white shade so I could use it for creative makeup. That’s something I’ve done in the past with Colourpop, for instance, but I think I’m liking this one better. It’s very creamy and has amazing coverage.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer - Yes Style Haul - Flaw Decay

A’PIEU: Juicy-Pang Water Blusher

12 Colours | Cruelty-free | K-Beauty

And I obviously could not try k-beauty without giving their makeup products a try! A’pieu is one of my favourite skincare brands, so I decided to give this Peachy Liquid Blush a try. It’s very lightweight and juicy-looking on the skin, I really like it so far!


I also got some interesting skincare tools and cotton pads at really amazing prices. That’s the thing about YesStyle: there are plenty of cool items at unbeatable prices.

Choyu: The iconic cleansing sponge

Everyone owns, or at least, knows about microfiber makeup removers like Choyu‘s. They have been a huge trend for a while now, and they’re an eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads. This particular one is meant to be able to take off heavy makeup, but there are two other types for lighter and slightly heavy makeup.

Choyu - Reusable Microfiber Cleansing Sponge - Yes Style First Haul and Impressions

Aucucci: Roller Facial Beauty 3D Massager

Facial rollers. Do they even work? Some beauty gurus swear by them but I’ve never seen that much of a difference even after using them regularly. However, this one from Aucucci caught my attention. I feel like it’s more convenient for the body since it’s too big for the face (I have been using it on my neck though), but it can be used on the cheeks, forehead and more.

Yulu: Scalp Massage Cleansing Tool

For the past few months, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for hair massaging tools that can be used with shampoo to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp, which can increase hair thickness and growth. And I’m really seeing process! So I would say that giving Yulu‘s Scalp Massage Cleansing Tool a try is very worth it.

A’PIEU: No Dirty Brush Cleansing Soap

Besides cosmetics and makeup, I also got this Cleansing Soap for Brushes from A’pieu. It comes with a little silicone washboard that we can use to scrub the brushes and clean them pretty quickly. It works really, really great! It’s probably the best soap for brushes I’ve tried, even compared to Beautyblender‘s. I also find the packaging really convenient.

Beauty Artisan – Cotton Pads

Finally, I added this huge box of single-use cotton pads made of bamboo charcoal cotton to my basket. They’re meant to be used as makeup erasers, and even if they are very light and slim, they do their job pretty nicely. I’m very happy with them.

YOUSHA – Face Wash Head Band

Headbands don’t have much to them except how comfortable they are. And in this case, Yousha‘s Beauty Turban is a really nice pick – it’s not too heavy or sturdy but still holds the hair pretty nicely. Plus, it’s really cute and affordable.

Yes Style Haul - Flaw Decay


Lastly, I also got some cute little accessories from A’ROCH and DREN:

Dren Star Moon Earrings & Arroch Zodiac Ring - Yes Style First Haul and Impressions
Dren‘s Star Moon Earrings and Arroch‘s Zodiac Ring

I don’t know how well they’ll remain; they’re obviously not high-end jewellery but they don’t look bad at all for what they cost. Still, I liked the cosmetics more.

And… that concludes the hauls! I hope you guys enjoyed them. I’m genuinely very pleased with the service from YesStyle and how the products arrived. And the quality is amazing! I will keep showing you guys more on Instagram and Twitter, so make sure to follow me there. If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments or DMs!

So, have you tried this website? Do you like their k-beauty (and general) products?

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