Jeffree Star starts 2020 with his most royal collection yet: Blood Lust | First impressions

The rumours were indeed true: Jeffree Star just announced Blood Sugar‘s part 3, which will be the follow-up to his most successful collection to this day, the Conspiracy collaboration with Shane Dawson. It’s here, it’s purple, and it’s ready to blow your mind. Get ready for the Blood Lust Palette and Collection. Here’s everything we know so far, including photos, prices, products and dates – and my thoughts.

Jeffree ended 2019 as one of the most successful years of his career and set the bar really high for 2020. The long-awaited extension of his 2018 series with Shane Dawson and the collection that came out afterwards was an astonishing triumph for him and his company. Just days after releasing his Valentine’s Day collection and the Mystery Boxes (which sold out immediately as per usual), he gave us a first glance at the upcoming collection. And today, we got all the details.

The collection drops at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 21 and will available on

*TBC: to be confirmed.

The Blood Lust Artistry Palette

54$ – 54€ (TBC*) – £48 (TBC*) | Cruelty-free | Vegan

Jeffree‘s palettes always cause a stir. They are the first ones to sell out and become practically impossible to find until a few months after the release. They have grown to be the product most people are excited about (although it’s fair to say they ALL get a lot of hype).

This time around, we’re seeing the brand move from Blood Sugar‘s aesthetic but not remaining too far from it. It’s the first time we see velvet packaging, which was popularized by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the first time we get a hexagonal palette (though it is definitely not the first time he gets creative with the shape of it). The luxurious and picturesque style are top-notch, and can only be matched by the incredibly-looking 18 shades it holds. Hold on to your seats: it includes NEW FORMULAS!

Purple shadows are especially hard to make, even more when keeping the formula vegan. He notes in his video that he “really tried to perfect them”, and adds subtly that “…I think I did”. And from the swatches, we can tell that he is not playing around:

Firstly, I have to say I love the idea and the shades that he picked. Purple is my favourite colour so I’m more than excited to get yet another purple palette – and this is definitely going to become royalty in my collection.

I think it’s smart to create a purple palette after releasing a red one and a blue one, and to include two shades with those tones. After all, purple is a mixture of them! He didn’t select shades that he had done before (he never does, with the exception Diet Root Beer in both of the Conspiracy Collection palettes): we’re getting a metallic fire-red named Bleeding Heart and a matte teal, Vile Serpent.

Apart from that, the shades don’t look repetitive, there’s variety, but there’s also coherence. There’s a hot pink leaning towards purple, as well as a lavender and a gold, which makes the palette stay away from being too monochromatic. It retails for $54, which given the production prices we saw in The Beautiful World of JS, is nothing compared to other brands. Now, stop drooling, because there’s much more to see in this collection that we’re going to dive in…

‘Queen Bitch’ Mini Purple Bundle

52$ – 53€ (TBC*) – £45 (TBC*) | Cruelty-free | Vegan

Queen Bitch Mini Velour Lipsticks Set - Jeffree Star unveils JSC's Blood Lust Collection and Palette
‘Queen Bitch’ Mini Velour Lipsticks Set (source: Jeffree Star, Youtube)

Yes, we’re getting a mini Velour Liquid Lipstick bundle with exclusive shades as well (I’m Vulgar and Royal Armor) that will not be made outside the box. Some of the shades that we already knew are I’m Royalty, Scorpio, Virginity, Blow Pony, Clout and Berries On Ice

The Gloss

$18 – 21,25€ (TBC*) – £16 (TBC*) | Cruelty-free | Vegan

Jeffree also listened to our prayers and gave us more The Gloss to fill our lips with sparkle and drama. The shades are definitely on point. Iridescent Throne, Lord Star, Sickening, Sorcery and Wizards Glass will retail for $18 as always and include a purplish and royal-style packaging.

Extreme Frost in ‘Choking on Ice’

$54 | Cruelty-free | Vegan

Now here’s the only bad news, and it’s that JS made a stunning Extreme Frost for this collection in a purple chrome component. With its fabulous faux vegan leather box. You might be asking why is it a bummer. Well, the reason is that it is exclusive to Jeffree Star Cosmetics‘s website and it won’t be available anywhere else.

Extreme Frost from the Blood Lust Palette (source: Jeffree Star, Youtube)
Extreme Frost from the Blood Lust Palette (source: Jeffree Star, Youtube)

However, it is completely justified. The formula is difficult and expensive to make and they can’t create as many as it would take to have it available in all the retailers. Us buyers from other sellers are definitely going to be a bit sad to miss on that – it looks amazing!

Fashion & Accessories

And finally, as always, no Jeffree Star Collection would be complete without accessories and merchandise.

Mirrors - Jeffree Star unveils JSC's Blood Lust Collection and Palette
Crown Hand Mirror, $30, Lavender Soft Touch Star Hand Mirror, $25, and Purple Glitter Star Hand Mirror, $25, from the Blood Lust Collection

As for accessories, we’re getting three mirrors (a Crown Hand Mirror, $30, a Lavender Soft Touch Star Hand Mirror, $25, and a Purple Glitter Star Hand Mirror, $25), two grinders (63mm violet and mauve, $20) and a purple metal straw 4-pack ($19.99).

As for fashion and merch, they are also releasing a Purple Cross Body Bag ($45), a Blood Lust Bomber Jacket ($60), a Blood Lust Windbreaker ($45), and two dad hats in Purple Crown and Lavender ($25).

All in all, I feel like this is one of Jeffree’s most iconic collections yet. I’m a bit biased because I’ve been expecting a purple palette ever since he started making makeup (yup), but I know that he (and his team) won’t let us down with this one. The whole aesthetic and thought that’s into it proves once again why he’s one of the biggest in the industry. I’m SO excited.

The collection drops at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 21 and will available on I will update as soon as we get other retailers’ details on prices and dates. For now, I hope you’re just as excited as I am about this collection! What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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