Make Magic Palette – Makeup Revolution x Carmi (Review)

Hi guys! Makeup Revolution recently collaborated with YouTuber and MUA Carmi and came up with the Make Magic Palette. Now, this selection of vibrant shadows is their second collab together, and the brand has proven to upgrade their quality in the past two years or so. This time around, the Italian beauty guru picked a stunning packaging with mermaid/crystal vibes to go with the outstanding shades. Want to know if it’s worth it or not? Keep reading!

The Make Magic Palette includes a range of twenty eyeshadows, six on top and two rows of seven below. The ones on top are more like foil and shimmer shadows, including a duochrome one. The variety in the tones is top-notch: there’s icy blues, fuchsias, khaki greens you don’t normally see in other palettes… the diversity is great! But do the shades work conjointly?

£10 | Cruelty-free | Vegan

The price of the palette, like the rest of Makeup Revolution, is very affordable. As I said before, they have upgraded their quality in their last releases, making them one of the best drugstore brands at the moment (especially cruelty-free ones). It’s not vegan, though.


First things first… let’s talk about my first impressions on the quality of the shadows themselves. I did notice that they were very buttery and smooth, especially the ones in the first row. The only ones I’d complain about in that aspect (although it does NOT affect their performance) would be U Do U (Chocolate almost burgundy brown matte), Dark Side (Black matte) and Addicted (Mustard matte).

Makeup Revolution x Carmi MUA - Make Magic Palette Closeup
Close-up of the palette

Pigmentation and Swatches

In terms of pigmentation and swatching, I have mixed thoughts. While some of the shadows swatched really well and were very pigmented, there are some that weren’t that great, especially -and that surprised me a lot-, the shimmers in the first row.

As you can see above, some of the shimmers… just weren’t there. And shades like U Do U disappointed me a bit when I swatched them. Swatches don’t necessarily have a say when it comes to the actual performance of the palette, but this particular shadow proved to be a bit patchy.

Bite Me is probably the worst shimmer of the palette, which saddened me because I really wanted it to work; I had to apply several layers for it to show up in my lid (using primer and a glitter setting liquid from Sample Beauty that enhances glitter.

However, Money MakerSelf Made and You Got This, my absolute favourite shimmer shadows of the palette, are really nice shadows. I was very surprised by Integrity, a colour you don’t see very often in makeup palettes and it’s just the perfect shimmer khaki shade.


On to the most important part, right? How does the Make Magic palette actually perform on the eyes?

When I finished swatching the palette, I didn’t know what to expect. Some of the shadows were really nice, some others didn’t even show up. I struggled to make shades like Bite Me and Make Magic work. I had to apply several layers, even after using a white canvas with concealer.

The matte shades blended beautifully with each other though, at least most of them. The palette is fairly easy to use.

Makeup Revolution x Carmi MUA - Make Magic Palette Closeup


So far, I’ve been able to create these eye looks with this palette. You can see more details and full looks on my Instagram!


All in all, I do enjoy this palette and I’m certainly going to keep playing with it. I don’t mind applying layers, especially when the price is as low as £10! The colours are fun and different, and while there are some shades that could be improved, the quality is really great anyway. I also liked the concept and the variety of shades.

This is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’ve been loving the new Makeup Revolution releases, and although it has some misses, it is a really nice palette overall.

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