Mini Controversy Palette – Jeffree Star x Shane | Is it worth it? (Review, Swatches & Looks)

Jeffree Star and Youtuber Shane Dawson broke the Internet a few weeks ago with the release of their anticipated first collaboration: the Conspiracy Collection. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Mini Controversy palette and the ‘Are You Filming?‘ Velour Lipstick, and today, I will show you swatches, looks I’ve done with it, and will give you my final and honest thoughts on it. Are they worth it?

Like most of JS‘s past collections, the Conspiracy Collection included an 18-pan-palette, a mini one (with 9 shadows), a gloss, a lip balm and six Velour Liquid Lipsticks. It’s the outcome of Shane‘s acclaimed new series surrounding the beauty guru and the beauty industry, and fans couldn’t have been happier about it – so much so, Shopify (the brand’s website platform) crashed. It became Jeffree Star Cosmetics‘ best launch to date. But… are the products THAT worthy?

Mini Controversy Palette

$28£2525€| Cruelty-free | Vegan | NW: 9 x 1.50g / 0.05oz

Shades “Controversy” and “My Apology” are not eye-safe.

With 9 shades of their iconic eyeshadow, the Mini Controversy palette is Conspiracy‘s little sister. Although they follow a very similar scheme and commemorate some of Shane Dawson‘s most iconic moments, friends and loved ones, this one was designed to be completely different – except for Diet Root Beer (brown shade in the centre).

In this palette, we’ll find pastel colours, three stunning metallics and really vibrant and bright colours. I fell in love with both My Apology (metallic burgundy) and Controversy (purple) as soon as I saw them in-store (initially, I was just planning to get a lipstick). I was also awed by the blues, probably the most prominent duo in the palette.
It’s not a really intuitive palette, though, which some people might not like.

The packaging is has a simple square format and dark look to it, but the outside and its holographic lines are simply stunning. It has a very handy mirror, which makes it perfect for travelling.


Texture-wise, all the shadows from the Mini Controversy palette are very creamy. Controversy and Cancelled are the only ones that are slightly drier, but very insignificantly. I always get that with purple shades, and this one is much better than most.

Mini Controversy palette - Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson close-up
Close-up: Mini Controversy Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson

Pigmentation and Swatches

If you’ve heard about Jeffree Star‘s palettes –if you haven’t but you’re still here: how?-, you know they’re known for being pretty pigmented. This one doesn’t disappoint at all in that aspect. All the shades swatch effortlessly and reach their most pigmented fairly quick. There’s a bit of fallout, but we’re pretty used to it by now, aren’t we?

Here are the swatches:

Flat Earth (the pastel blue) is the only one that I’ve found a bit hard to work with in terms of intensity, but it’s not too bad and it may be due to the colour being so clear in the first place.


Great pigmentation and poor performance = a mess. Fortunately, it’s definitely not the case with this palette! I’ve found it really easy to work with these shadows: most of them are very pigmented, as I said, but they still blend like a dream.

The Mini Controversy Palette, close-up


I’ve done plenty of looks like the bottom right one (using Diet Root Beer in the crease, blending it out with Cry On My Couch, and using My Apology and/or My Boyfriend’s Purse on the lid), but I didn’t want to spam those.

The blues and lilacs, as seen in the second picture, go very well together. I’ve also used this palette plenty of times as a support for other palettes, which is why there are not many looks; these are solely the ones in which I only used or mostly used this palette.

Conclusion: What are my HONEST thoughts?

JS x SD‘s highly anticipated collection was a huge success. People are glad that the Youtuber didn’t settle for little when developing the palettes, he aimed for the best he could create with Jeffree and the result was greatly received.

I really liked the Mini Controversy palette. I think it’s the perfect travel palette if you like this kind of colours – and for me, they are spot on. It’s also a great addition if you want to pair them with other palettes and use this one for a pop of colour. Even if you just like Shane and Jeffree but don’t want to spend the Conspiracy palette’s price. The shadows worked beautifully and are easy to use.

If anything, I’d probably change the layout so the brown (and beige and burgundy), the purples and the blues were aligned better, and I also would’ve added more variety to the scheme. Less light shades. You can certainly play a lot with it, but on its own, it’s a bit of a one-track palette and you can only go so many ways with three main tones.


And that’s it for today! I hope you liked this review and agree if you’ve tried the palette. Are you planning to get it? If you already have, do you like it as well? Let me know!

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One response to “Mini Controversy Palette – Jeffree Star x Shane | Is it worth it? (Review, Swatches & Looks)”

  1. I love the looks you created with this palette! They’re all very beautiful. I know there was a lot of hype surrounding the collab but I already had most shades in my collection. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty palette. Great review babe! xx


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