Color Correcting: What it is + Favorite Products from Essence

Good morning everyone! How’s your weekend going so far? Today I bring you a small review/tutorial on a topic that I get asked about a lot and that I think will be very helpful for some people: what is color correcting, how do colors work, a tutorial with images, my thoughts on whether it is important or not in your makeup routine… and as an extra, I will also rank several essence color correcting products: the All I Need Concealer Palette, the Color Correcting Liquid Concealer and the Correct To Perfect CC Palette so you can choose which one is better for you.

(Nota: la versión en español está aquí).

What is color correcting?

When correcting color, we start from the base that the colors complement each other according to their position in the chromatic circle. Red compensates green, yellow compensates purple, orange compensates blue… so they neutralize. This applies to makeup because we all have areas of our face where a color predominates. The most common problems are usually dark reds and dark circles, with a blue hue.


So, for instance: if you have a red and irritated area in the face, using a green concealer will “cancel” that color and provide you with a neutralized skin. If your circles are blue or purple, you will neutralize them with orange or yellow respectively.

How to use it

It is very important to use little product and, if you see that it isn’t enough, add a little more when you have already blended the first layer with a sponge or using your fingers, preferably. It is also important that I let you know that this method doesn’t really replace liquid bases or concealers.

In my case, I’ve used liquid concealers in clear pink tones in the dark circles’ area without a concealer or base on top, to make it look more natural, but this does not apply to green correctors, for example, because they look a little weird by themselves.

Use of each color

  1. Green Red (neutralizes irritation, acne, sunburn …)
  2. Yellow Purple (helps to eliminate blue and/or purple tones on the skin, as well as slight irritations, bruises, dark circles …)
  3. Rose Green (helps create a shine effect on the skin, especially in the dark circles’ area).
  4. Blue Orange (eliminates hyperpigmentation and brightens clear and delicate skin).
  5. Red Green (removes dark circles in dark skin).
  6. Lavender Yellow (neutralizes yellowish and pale tones, especially in the dark circles, and it can also provide luminosity to dull skins).
  7. OrangeBlue (covers dark circles and dark spots, mainly).


Here you have a comparison using Correct To Perfect CC palette from Essence:

BeFunky Collage.jpg
Applied with brush – Blended with a sponge – With base and concealer (for dark circles) on both sides

Don’t mind my lack of sleep, uniform eyebrows (I already explained everything here -question 9- and, no, I haven’t been able to recover it still 🙄) and the “lash balm” that I was testing and tinted my lashes white… please.

Is this technique necessary?

No, not at all. As you can see in the images above, the difference is not that great. I consider it an extra step that helps to prepare the skin and keeping those red hues under control, as well as illuminating the dark circles’ area, which in my opinion is key in order to give a more awake and beautiful look.

For other people, it may be essential or even the only thing they use for makeup, but I only use this technique when I’m going to be out for a long while and I have time to do it, like when I go out at night. I do not recommend it too much for everyday use if, like me, you want to sleep a few extra minutes before going to class or to work and you’re already going to be applying other makeup. It’s not a must.

An alternative that I recently tested thanks to a friend is color primers. She bought an anti-redness primer from Catrice that is supposed to help in both making the makeup last longer and correcting the red tones. I did a little test and it does work; it is lighter than a cream concealer, but it requires you to put a base or a corrector of your skin tone on top. Another brand with this type of products at an affordable price is NYX Cosmetics.

Best Essence Corrector

Essence is a cruelty-free brand with excellent prices and great quality. Some time ago I received some products from a giveaway and I decided to group all of them in the same post to make a comparison… and here it is!

…all I need concealer palette

$5.49 (Amazon US) | £9.14 (Amazon UK)

I’ve used this palette a lot, as you can see in the second image. It was the first color correction product that I’d ever tried and I used to love it so much. It has three colors to correct specific areas (in green, pink and yellow colors) and two skin color correctors.

It does what it’s supposed to do very well, especially for people who only have redness and dark circles concerns and do not need lavender tones, for instance. You could also say that it is aimed at people with lighter skin tones, unlike the next palette I’m going to show you. Once blended into the skin, these correctors do not become heavy, but they give you good coverage all day.

The bad: they are quite difficult to use. Since the formula is very thick, it’s harder to work with, and I recommend using a primer or a moisturizer before applying the product to make it easier.





Correct to Perfect CC

4,49€ (Maquillalia)

This palette is the last product I received, so it’s also the one that I’ve used the least amount of time. It is much easier to blend than the other palette, but the orange tone does not convince me at all. It seems to me that it is less complete than the previous one, but it is also more creamy.



Colour Correcting Liquid Correctors

3,19 (Maquillalia)

As the summer was being rather heavy (and there was a 3×2 in the drugstore), I decided to buy all three liquid correctors to see if there was any difference with the first palette. I was especially interested in the pink shade because the description of the products indicated that they have a refreshing effect, which is perfect for the area of dark circles.


The products met my expectations; they eliminate redness, dark circles, and others problems up to a certain point because they have light coverage. I think that, despite that, they are ideal for people with mixed or oily skin because they do not contribute to the pores becoming so clogged with layers and layers. They have a very natural effect and they’re very, very easy to apply and blend.

As I said before, I use the pink concealer alone very often, as it provides an illuminating effect that is both natural and lightweight, which is perfect for days when you do not want to use too much makeup.

So… which one is better?

Everything depends on each one’s preferences. Personally, I like liquid correctors the most because they look more natural and feel more lightweight. But it is true that when I go out at night, I prefer cream products to fight redness because it lasts more. For dark circles, on the other hand, the pink liquid concealer is my favorite for every occasion.

If you want full coverage, I’d go with the cream products. The liquid concealers are better for everyday use and people who don’t need too much makeup.

I hope you liked this post and that it has been helpful! Do you have a favorite color correcting product? Let me know in the comments! Before you go, don’t forget to follow me on social media! ♡

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