How to get the Shop Hush Beauty app outside the US + Shipito Guide

Hey everyone! Today I bring you a small guide on how to get the Shop Hush app outside the US. They keep saying it’s going to be released worldwide, but there are many people upset that they’re missing on releases and I wanted to help by creating this little guide.

(Nota: tenéis la versión en español aquí).

Hush is an online website that offers many types of products at really great prices. In addition, it has very good offers and famous cruelty-free brands such as NYX or e.l.f., as well as other lesser-known ones that are slowly taking over the Internet lately, such as Bad Habit.

Hush - Beauty for Everyone - YouthApps

The bad: they usually restock their most famous products in the app, which is not available in Spain (where I live) or anywhere outside the USA. In addition, the shipping costs for the website are VERY high; it’s going to be 20 dollars no matter what you buy. With the app, they’re free!

The good thing: here’s my method to avoid waiting and wasting that much money on shipping (this method is only available for Android though).

Disclaimer: this method is not 100% reliable. It’s a bit risky since it’s an apk provided by third parties and not the very own app installed through Play Store on your mobile. I would only recommend you to continue if you are aware of that and you assume whatever may happen. I’ve already made many purchases with this method and they have arrived without problems (see the picture below), but I like to warn you just in case it fails.

STEP 1: Find the APK

The link below is the one where I got my app from that has worked for me. I haven’t had any problems with it. If you want to look for another option that is not the one below (for whatever reason, but I recommend you to use this since it was safe for me), you can search for “hush beauty apk” on Google and I’m sure you’ll find a different page to get it from. The name is Hush – Beauty for Everyone.

STEP 2: Installing the APK

If you’ve chosen to go with the link that I provided you, it’s very simple: click on Download APK (11.3 MB), open it and install it. Almost done!


STEP 3: Sending and shipping through intermediaries

The next thing you have to do is giving a US address that you can easily get for free.

For those of you who are not familiar with pages like Shipito, MyUS, ExpressFromUS (if you follow my link, you will get $10 to ship your first 5 packages!), etc; they’re companies that give you an address in the USA to which you can send packages, which will then be sent to your home whenever you ask them to.

The price of the shipping is usually accord to the weight of the package and the shipping method you choose (+ all the addition you may request). It is the easiest way to send things from sites based in the USA with no worldwide shipping. Some (Shipito, at least) will allow you to send the package in 90 or 180 days, which can be very favorable for some.

The method that I use is Shipito, and its pros are:

  • Creating the account is free.
  • They give you US addresses: one in Nevada (with storage up to 180 days) and in California (it’s cheaper, but you have up to 90 days to send the package). There is also one in Oregon, which is a Premium feature with different advantages, such as shipping wine, and then Austria, which is another free address, but a not too interesting one in this case.
  • You can ask for assisted shopping.
  • 3 free photos of the package.
  • You can add requests to send the package, like more security.

How to send the package?

  1. You have to warn that the warehouse that it will receive the order and give as many details as you can, of the weight, seller, price, etc. Shipito will send us an email notification when it arrives.
  2. Add the money that the shipment will cost in “+ ADD DEPOSIT”. You can use PayPal for that.
  3. Send! – Once the payment issue is resolved, Shipito will send the package to the place we ask them to.

And well, from here, we have to wait for the package to arrive, depending on the shipment method that we have chosen. Just so you know, a few days ago, I sent a package via Airmail Economy (the slowest – it takes about a month to arrive here) and the package arrived in a week. So I would try that before going for a higher-priced offer!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! So far, I’ve only reviewed the Royals Palette by Bad Habit, but I plan on doing more, so stay tuned!

I hope the post was useful for you and that you enjoy the items that you get from this site! Before you go, don’t forget to follow me on social media ♡

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30 responses to “How to get the Shop Hush Beauty app outside the US + Shipito Guide”

  1. How much you pay for the delivery with shipito? it’s expensive? I’m in Portugal and i want buy some palettes 🙂


    • Hi! It’s a little bit expensive as it depends on the weight of the palettes. Each one costs around 8€, so I recommend finding some reviews before buying so you only get the ones that are worth it 🙂


  2. Hey this may be a really stupid question but when signing up it ask for address and all that stuff do i put in my us address im from Australia and i cant seem to get this site out of my head i love makeup and its affordable but i hate how i cant get stuff sent here


  3. Hey this may be a really stupid question but when signing up it ask for address and all that stuff do i put in my us address? Or my Australian address


  4. Hey. I find this post very interesting and convenient.
    I live in South Africa. How will it go for me to receive a package?
    P.S my senior homecoming is in 2 weeks from now.


    • I have no idea how long will it take, sorry! It also depends on the shipping method you use. It takes around 2 days for the package to arrive at the warehouse. If you use the Airmail method, which is the cheapest, I don’t think the package will make it on time 😥


  5. Hi I now that this post is from long ago but I’m trying to put the address that shipito gave us in California but hush site can’t go on with that adress. Ever happened to you? Can you help me? Cause they have a huge sale and I wanted to get it. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry I’m a bit late to answer, but no, that has never happened to me! I hope you figured it out and got something from the sale though – I will do an updated version of this guide soon because I haven’t bought from Shop Hush lately


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