Review: Norvina Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills (+ swatches & looks)

Hi guys! A while ago, I asked you on Instagram which product you wanted me to review next, and the majority of you were interested in the recently released Norvina palette. If you want to see swatches, looks and my thoughts on this palette, keep on reading!

Anastasia Beverly Hills started out being best known for their brow products. Most of them, like the Dip Brow Pomade, are cult favorites, but ever since they started releasing palettes (who hasn’t heard of the extremely popular Modern Renaissance?), they became one of the top eyeshadow brands in the market and both their palettes and their single shadows became a lot of influencer‘s holy grails. I personally didn’t fall for any of the others, but when I saw the Norvina palette, I knew I had to have it.


$42 – £43 | Cruelty-free | Vegan

The palette is cruelty-free, like the rest of Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ products, but not vegan. The shadows that rightfully strike the most to people when they see it are Soul (a bluish lavender satin), Celestial (a shimmer, duochrome purple with blue sparkles in it) and Wild Child (a pink shimmer with magenta glitter). They’re absolutely stunning shades, and along with Rose Gold, Love, Drama and Dreamer, they’re my favorite.


I found that the shades Passion, Volatile and Soul were on the drier side, and I probably would add Love to the list, if it didn’t have a different texture compared to the others that makes it more velvety.

Dreamer, Summer, Rose Gold and Dazzling are incredibly soft and creamy. The shimmers Drama, Wild Child, Celestial, as well as the mattes Eccentric, Volatile, Love, Intense and Base are smooth as well, but not as much as those.

As for the kickback you get from this palette, I have to say that most of the matte shades are a little dusty, but I haven’t experienced a lot of fallout when applying the shades to my eyes (which surprised me a lot). You have to be light-handed with the brushes, though.

Pigmentation and Swatches

I didn’t have to go over the same shade many times in order for them to show up like they do in the picture below — the point of it is to show the intensity they can reach, which is not bad at all. All of them swatched perfectly, even Soul and Celestial (I was the most concerned about these two because these types of colors are difficult to get right).


In general, the pigmentation of the shadows is great and they show up accordingly when you use a brush to apply them.


The palette looks gorgeous, the swatches are great. But, how do these shadows perform on the actual eyes? The shimmers are probably some of the best I’ve ever tried (that didn’t surprise me, as I’ve already tried some of their individual shadows and I love them). You can tap them on with your fingers or a brush and the pigmentation will pop up immediately, with no need to go over it again.

As for the matte and satin shadows, I haven’t had any problems with them. They blend very nicely and effortlessly. I’ve used them on top of both wet and set eye primers, and I loved the results.


This palette has inspired me to create these looks so far, and I’m completely sure that it will spark many more. The colors range from neutrals to pinks and purples, and I feel like it’s the perfect combination for purple lovers like myself. Despite the fact that the shades that steal the show are not the kind of colors that you’d wear on a daily basis, I feel like there are some excellent shades for everyday looks as well.




I love this palette. I think that it’s a truly nice product; the pigmentation is on point, the color selection is lovely, and it works for me with little to no effort because the range of shimmers just inspires you to forget about using a ton of old boring mattes and put on some shimmers and go.

The only cons I have for this product is the fact that even the satin shades (Base and Soul) are a little shimmery, and the price, as it’s one expensive palette. But if you like the color spectrum, you don’t mind that most of the shadows are shimmers, and you know you’re going to use the tones in it, I think it’s really worth it. It’s an addition to my collection that I’m enjoying SO much, and I can’t wait to play with it further!

That’s it for today’s post! Thank you for reading my review — I hope it was helpful. Are you thinking about getting this palette? Let me know in the comments! Before you leave, don’t forget to follow me on social media ♡

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7 responses to “Review: Norvina Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills (+ swatches & looks)”

  1. I sooo want to try this Palette it looks insane 😍 and love the look you’ve created with it, so pretty! 😭 would you recommend purchasing it or not?xx

    Feel free to check out my blog , I’ve just started out in the blogging world and just trying to grow and meet people with the same passions as me 😂😍 xx


    • It is! 😍 I highly recommend it, I feel like the colors are very unique and the shadows blend like a dream! PS: your blog is lovely, I really like your style!!


  2. I’m glad to hear that you like this palette! I’ve heard so many different reviews on it but I think everyone is just looking for different things in their eyeshadow palettes. Your swatches are so dreamy and I love the looks you created!

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