Clean Beauty, or how to spot damaging ingredients in your cosmetics easily

Do you want to know exactly what you’re using on your skin but you don’t know how to decipher the ingredients? Do you want to know if the products you’re using are any good for your skin? Recently I found the solution to all those problems: the Clean Beauty app.

Clean Beauty is a free app available for both Android and iOS. It was developed by the French company Officinea so that we can understand the entire list of ingredients we find in our products with a single click.

Thanks to a system that automatically detects controversial ingredients within the scientific community and a glossary composed of almost 800 ingredients, you no longer have to be an expert in chemistry to finally understand the ingredients that your treatments contain.

This app is particularly useful if you want to know if a product is vegan and if the ingredients are good or can be harmful to your skin, as it contains an ingredients glossary (see below).

How to analyze the ingredients at the moment

It’s actually very simple! This app allows you to take a picture of the list of ingredients and, in a matter of seconds, the app will distinguish allergen and controversial products and give you a detailed explanation of why they are listed there. Here’s an example:


I feel like not having to write down every single ingredient one by one is very useful. On another note, what I don’t like that much is the fact that it doesn’t find ingredients that come from animals, which is what I was the most interested about, and you can’t set it up to do so.

That’s it for today! I really hope this post was useful and that you enjoy the app. Before you go, don’t forget to follow me on social media ♡

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