Pixi’s Escape & Let’s GLOW! Makeup Products – Review

We’re halfway through the summer and Pixi has put together some of its iconic summertime favorites for the occasion. Today I’m going to be talking about these glowy essentials (their Endless Shade Sticks, LipLift Max Gloss, Large Lash Mascara and Summer Glow Palette) and I will be reviewing them and showing you swatches. Keep reading!

  • Before we start, I have to point out that these products were kindly sent to me by Pixi‘s team for review purposes. The following are all my honest opinions and thoughts.

Pixi is a cruelty-free brand created by makeup artist and product developer Petra Strand. Their products, of which the amazing Glow Tonic is probably the most famous, are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients.

The PR package included the cutest bag with our names on them. I’ve already started giving it good use – I love how spacious and useful it is! It has a zipper, which makes it safer to carry around.

It also includes makeup products ideal for that effortless, natural, glowy summer look. This is the first time I’ve tried their cream shadows or their mascara, so I was very excited about that!

Summer Glow Multi-Use Palette

$20£18€16.45 | Cruelty-free | Vegan*

*I haven’t found solid information online, but the only “flagged” ingredient is a synthetic replacement for Lanolin that may be vegan. Plus, Pixi’s palettes are usually vegan, so it would make sense if this one were, too.

This multi-use palette is simply perfect for daily use and travel. It is pretty compact and can fit in small bags or suitcases easily for trips. It contains different bronzing, contouring, highlighting and blushing shades, however, I do feel like they could aim a little darker for deeper skin tones.

It performs really well though, and I haven’t stopped using it ever since I got it. It’s my new face go-to, the variety of shades makes it really easy to go from very light contour to full glam.

Endless Shade Sticks

$14.00£12.0013,95€ | Cruelty-free | Vegan | Shades: CopperGlaze & MatteCocoa

Infused with Green Tea, Aloe, and Chamomile, these vegan eyeshadow sticks are highly pigmented and can help you create a fuss-free flawless look. The coppery metallic one (CopperGlaze) is absolutely stunning and paired with the matte, dark brown one (MatteCocoa) there is no need for anything more to create a really gorgeous eyelook like the following, for which I only used those + a very light brown from the Summer Glow Multi-Use Palette in the crease.

Large Lash Mascara

$16.00£14.0018,45€ | Cruelty-free | Vegan

The next product in our summertime basics has to be mascara! This waterproof and smudge-proof mascara will give the ultimate volume and intensity to your lashes. I was positively surprised by it. It separated the lashes nicely and they looked very voluminous considering the size of my actual lashes (and below’s the comparison so you know what I’m talking about).

LipLift Max Gloss

$14.00£12.0015,95€ | Cruelty-free | Not Vegan

And last but not least, Pixi also sent one of their LipLift Max Glosses in one of their most summery colors. A gorgeous and flattering peachy shade suitable for all skintones, that will hydrate and plump your lips and make them look effortlessly juicy. It has become one of my absolute favorites in very little time: I’d already tried the formula, but this color is simply marvelous.

And the best part? Its fresh mint flavor that I simply adore. A summer must-have.


Pixi‘s well-known for its amazing and awarded skincare, but this collection proves once again that it’s not their only strength. I’ve loved everything from it and think the prices are quite affordable for the quality and results you get.

My favorite products have to be the LipLift Max Gloss in Sweet Nectar, one of the very few glosses I’ve sincerely enjoyed ever, and the Endless Shade Sticks. They are the perfect combo for anyone on-the-go that needs a quick eyelook.

I’ve also really loved the Summer Glow Multi-Use Palette – the perfect addition for anyone looking for a palette that carries anything you might need for contour, bronzer, blush or highlighter. Or even eyeshadow!


All in all, I was very positively surprised by this collection of summer picks by Pixi.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What products interest you the most?

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One response to “Pixi’s Escape & Let’s GLOW! Makeup Products – Review”

  1. The eye look you did with the eyeshadow sticks is so beautiful! I have one of Pixi’s shadow sticks and they really do have an incredible formula. I’m glad you love the collection, the palette also sounds great. x


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