Review: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation – NYX Cosmetics (+ 9h Wear Test)

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I last posted in English, but the topics I talked about in my last two posts were rather irrelevant to readers outside of Spain. However, I’m finally back and today I’m talking about a very recent release in the beauty world: NYX CosmeticsCan’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation. If you want to see swatches, three 9-hour wear tests, and my final thoughts on this product, keep on reading!

15,90€ – £15.00 – $15.00 | 30ml / 1.0 oz | Cruelty-free | Vegan?*

The NYX Cosmetics official website claims that this “lightweight, waterproof and pigmented AF” foundation has a “comfy liquid formula […] that don’t transfer”. It’s supposed to have a matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours, controlling shine and mattifying the skin along the way. It’s noncomedogenic and “suitable for normal, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types”.

The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation was developed with the help of the lovely Beauty Youtuber Alissa Ashley in order to provide the largest shade range possible — and they delivered!

Swatches (from left to right): Pale, Porcelain, Vanilla, and Deep Ebony. The lightest, the two neutrals I was interested in, and the deepest shade. Shout out to my boyfriend for taking the time to go to the store and swatching them for me!

*Is it vegan? I’m not sure whether the formula is vegan, but it looks like it may not be. The ingredients include Disodium Stearoyl GlutamateDisteardimonium Hectorite, and Tocopherol, which could either be vegan or not, and the product does not appear in their (apparently) updated vegan list.


As I’ve mentioned before, the foundation is supposed to have a matte finish and full coverage. I definitely agree on the matte finish part (more than I’d like to, but I will get to that later), but the coverage is medium to high. It does cover stuff like redness or dullness, but it doesn’t fully cover pimples, especially when using a damp beauty sponge (in that case, you’ll definitely need two layers for it to be full cover).

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation Review

A little too dry, and not enough transfer-proof

As excited as I was when I first tried this foundation (I loved the Total Control Drop Foundation), the results were SO bad when I used this one for the first time. I did half of my face with a primer and half of the other without it, in order to try different methods. I have oily skin, and it gets even worse in the summer, but the appearance and durability are far too worse than normal.

At first, I couldn’t get this foundation to stick to my face, especially to my nose area. I had to apply more than one coat, as the coverage was very light, and I also had to set it because it transfers so easily. It did practically nothing besides making my face look cakey and dry.

Wear Test(s)

As I mentioned before, I had to do several wear tests for the foundation to work. The weather in Barcelona is really humid and warm right now, which didn’t really help with my oily skin. I’m going to post the three wear tests, and not just one, because they pretty much sum up my experience with this foundation: bad, terrible, and (miraculously) okay.

In the end, I finally managed to find a way to make this foundation “work”, even if the results aren’t as good as I expected: I dabbed some cream concealer with my fingers (I used Kiko Milano‘s Full Coverage Concealer, which has really great coverage) on the problematic areas, applied the foundation on top, and set everything with powder. You can view the results using this method in the second and third wear test.

1st Wear Test

In the first image, I hadn’t applied concealer, not even on my undereye area. One thing that really helps my foundation last longer on my nose is using concealer on top of it to add more coverage. However, by the end of the day, my pores were coming through VERY badly, and I haven’t seen anything like this happen on my skin.

0 hours:

1 hour:

4 hours:

9 hours:

As you can see, the foundation was a mess after 9 hours. It started to crease on my fine lines after the first three hours, and I also noticed that the undereye where I applied some foundation (the right one on the pictures) had more creasing than the other. It not only looked bad, but it also felt heavy.

2nd Wear Test

This time around, the foundation started out looking pretty okay. But by the time I got to class (around 4 hours later), the only thing I could hear were compliments on my eyeshadow… so they wouldn’t have to comment on the foundation.

It looked promising until I stepped outside and the heat and sweating started to make (or, let’s be honest, help) the foundation separate, but I expect a foundation that claims to last 24 hours to be a little sweatproof, at least.

1 hour:

3 hours:

PS: I’m very sorry about the lighting and editing of these photos, it’s the best I could do for you to be able to see the results!

9 hours:

Pictures speak louder than words, and the foundation completely disappearing in certain zones of my face (like my chin and my nose) says everything. A little sweat and it was gone, and I couldn’t get rid of the shine. I had this happen to me more than once, on a different day, using different methods and products, and I was very disappointed.

3rd Wear Test

This day was the best foundation day I’ve had with this one. I’m upset because the photos aren’t as nice as the first test’s (after three tries, I didn’t expect this one to be any different), but it gives an idea. I also couldn’t take any in-between photos because I had classes that day. My pores didn’t take the stage until I’d worn the base for a good 4/5 hours, which I think is very decent… again: if the brand didn’t claim it lasts for 24 hours.

1 hour:

9 hours:

On this day, I used the same exact primer that I used in the second wear test, which made me wonder: what changed? I feel like there weren’t any big differences in my skin preparation.

In this “good” base day, however, I still got some separation on my nose, and there was some creasing in the fine lines around the lip area after those 9 hours.


I was very, very hyped about this foundation and I really wanted it to work — matte, full coverage, 24h, oil-controlling… that sounded like the beyond perfect foundation for me. It saddens me a little to say this because I had great hopes, but I wouldn’t give this foundation a good grade, not even a pass.

I do want to remind everyone that, even though it didn’t work for me, it may be due to my particular skin type, issues, etc. and it can still work for you. It kind of reminds me of the Fenty Beauty foundation (review here), which pretty much everyone liked except for me, because it looked really bad and powdery on me.

I’ve heard amazing reviews -most of them agreed that the foundation was a little drying though, so I don’t recommend it to people with that skin concern anyway-, and this was just my experience. I hope this review was helpful!

Aaaaand, that’s it for today! I truly hate talking negatively about a product when I feel like the brand (and Alissa, in this case) put a lot of effort into it, but I always keep it a 100% honest. Thank you so much for reading me, and see you in my next post!  Before you go, don’t forget to follow me on social media ♡

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